Function of the One Stop Centre (OSC)

  • Receive and revise applications for land development, planning permission, building plans, and other relevant plans from applicants
  • Check to see that all received applications fulfill the basis requirements and regulations
  • Distribute development proposal applications to the relevant departments for processing, and to the relevant technical department/agency for review and comment
  • Monitor applications that have been distributed to the relevant technical department/agency
  • Inform the local committee about the applications that have been received
  • Get feedback from the relevant technical department/agency when necessary
  • Collate and supervise¬† testimonial paperwork prepared by the planning department, building department and engineering department, as well as the pre-calculated plan for the local committee meeting
  • Distribute the rulings of the local committee meeting on planning permission approval and pre-calculated plans for land development application under Section 124 A and 204 D of the Land Canon;
  • Serve as the meeting secretariat including setting meeting dates, ensure that meetings are held twice (2) a month, and provide minutes of the meeting as well as feedback and response for distribution
  • Collate decision papers by the local committee meeting to duly inform the full Local Government assembly
  • Distribute the official ruling to the applicant, opposing parties, and the technical department/agency